When Did You Last Take A Holiday?


When I returned from a recent holiday feeling refreshed and recharged, it reminded me how important it is to take breaks, especially when you’re a leader.


Because it’s healthy and energising, makes you more productive, gives you clarity about your business and time to come up with new ideas.

Leading by example

It’s important for anyone who works, to take regular time off. Observing senior staff doing that,  encourages others to do the same.

As a leader, if you look after yourself it means you’re in better shape to perform well and that example will ripple down to those working for you. 

The same goes for working reasonable hours, so that you’re not creating a ‘workaholic’ atmosphere that those around you feel they have to emulate.

Take a mid-year break

I see a lot of people burning out because they don’t take holidays often enough or in some cases, never! I sit down with leaders and ask them to think about taking a mid-year break – otherwise they’re not likely to perform as they should for the rest of the year.

Good leadership also means ensuring your staff take holidays to switch off and spend time with their families, so their lives aren’t all about work.

So, take time to recharge your batteries and make sure your staff do too.

(Watch my video for more thoughts on this.)