Helping Businesses & Leaders realise their full potential

‘Juliet has the gift of seeing the bigger picture for an organisation or your career … Her calm confidence provides clarity in decision-making.’

Put simply, I’ve proven myself as being able to help businesses and leaders achieve a lot with a little, very quickly.

My expertise encompasses governance, strategy and performance, leadership management, sales, marketing and distribution.

Public speaking and presenting is also a passion – particularly when related to leadership, business strategy and performance, gender and thought diversity in leadership roles and boards.

Juliet Hull (MBA)


Managing Director – Juliet Hull Consulting


My Commercial background in New Zealand, Australia and the Asia Pacific region, also includes over 20 years in the health, pharmaceutical and medical sectors.

Governance & Independent Directorships

Current Member of the Institute of Directors of New Zealand

Senior Executive Experience

My business and leadership experience includes working with ASX and NZX listed companies and others in the process of listing. I also led contract negotiations for major corporate accounts in Australia and New Zealand.

Key Appointments:

2020 – 2021 : Assisted the Johnson and Johnson ANZ COVID Action Team with strategies to manage staff and teams in all areas.

2018-2021: As ANZ General Manager/Country Director for Johnson and Johnson Medical (J & J), I led large teams in strategy development and managed key relationships.

2018 – 2021: Member of J & J APAC Regional Leadership team; Orthopaedics and Ethicon Divisions.

I have an MBA from the Macquarie Graduate School of Management – Sydney, Australia, and Bachelor of Nursing from the Auckland Technical Institute – Auckland, New Zealand.

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My Pathway
My professional life has revolved around helping people to live healthier, happier and longer lives.

I have a strong understanding of, and relationships in the health, pharmaceutical and medical sectors in Australia, New Zealand and APAC. The main reason why I thrived in these sectors, is that I began my professional life as a nurse – caring for patients in intensive care, cardiac and trauma units.

During my time working in intensive care in Auckland, I decided to make use of my medical knowledge in a different way – I pivoted into sales. This led to my move to Australia, where I completed my MBA at Macquarie University whilst working full time as ANZ General Manager/Country Director, for Johnson and Johnson Medical.

Sitting on the Johnson and Johnson Medical Executive Board, and MTANZ Board, also contributed to my ongoing passion for, and involvement in governance.

Mentoring and Community Involvement

I love helping people and businesses realise their full potential. This includes giving back to my community via mentoring and providing strategy advice for local businesses.

Being an active person and runner, I enjoy volunteering at my local Ironman NZ event.