Coaching, Training & Mentoring for new Leaders


Executive Coaching with Juliet Hull Consulting is often for companies with a leader who is new to that type of role and needs help to make the transition. 
I coach them as they enter their leadership journey, to help iron out challenges that may arise.

Executive Coaching can take many forms but commonly, is once a fortnight for 1-2 hours.

Developing the skills and expertise of new and emerging leaders is a growing area of training and coaching in today’s ever changing business environment. Boards and management teams recognise that by helping new leaders to adapt and grow, the entire organisation benefits.

Often, a newly promoted or appointed leader finds the adjustment difficult:

  • They may not find delegation easy
  • They may struggle with developing employees or leading a team.
  • They may not be as effective as they wish or as good at communicating, as the company needs them to be.

If you have, or are a newly appointed or promoted leader, let’s discuss how I can help with coaching, training or mentoring.