Progressing Your Career: Making Interactions Count


If you’re a leader wanting to progress your career, the interactions you have with key people need to leave a favourable impression.

That’s especially true if you interact with key senior leaders and/or influential figures, such as CEOs and global leaders.

You may only get a few minutes with them, but you need to plan well for those conversations. Otherwise, you may waste the opportunity by giving a general or vague answer to a question – which won’t tell that person anything about you that could impress them or be memorable.

Have your Elevator Pitch ready

You also need to plan for challenging conversations that might arise.

If a senior leader has limited time to spend with you, they may put you on the spot with tough questions from left field. They’ll want to cut to the chase!

Don’t let the chance slip by with an ‘everything’s fine, we’re all good’ type of response. Having what I call an ‘elevator pitch’ ready, is how you may get the chance to shine.

Show that you’re a strategic thinker

Give them specific information such as key figures, that you’re working to a plan and within budget – anything that lets them know you’re a strategic thinker who’s aware of the need for results.

Keep your delivery low-key and as natural as possible but have your thoughts in order so that you convey you’re a good planner, with a handle on progress.

Keep the above in mind, to maximise time with key people who can help advance your career.

See my video for more thoughts on this.