Driving change: Business Consulting & Advice


I’m a Business Consultant and advisor with specialist expertise in Commercial leadership, strategy and performance.

I consult with and advise businesses and organisations of all sizes, who want to change their strategy and direction, improve performance and achieve sustainable growth.
My business consulting work is often with companies who recognise they need to drive change and working with their leadership team on this, is the key. 

Perhaps your business isn’t performing at the level needed, or the business model is hindering growth … I can pinpoint exactly where you’re losing momentum.

Tailored business consulting can include
(but is not limited to) advising on:

  • Establishing Market Positions
  • Strategic Planning – evolving Business Models & Business Plans
  • Forming new Business Units & Leadership Teams
  • Bringing Products & Services Direct to Market
  • COVID-19 Response & Strategy

Clarifying your Market

For clients who aren’t sure where to start, I begin by asking questions that are often variations of these:

• Do you know your numbers?
• Do you know where your business comes from?
• What are the costs?
• What are the challenges?

Strategic Planning

To clarify the direction to go in, how to get there and decisions that will need to be made along the way, we focus on these three crucial steps:

• Setting a Vision.
• Planning a Strategy aligned to your Vision.
• Executing every step of the Strategy; to reach performance levels needed to achieve your Vision.

It’s essential to have a plan for what you want to achieve and to know what your end goal is. You then need to action your plan, stick to it and be consistent … Setting small milestones so that along the way, so that you can see progress is being made. And of course, measure your performance. Don’t be afraid to call in experts to help - it’s important to have a support crew.

Forming Leadership Teams

One of my specialties is helping companies to form leadership teams. If your company is currently rudderless due to lack of senior leadership, I can step in on an interim basis to establish the structure needed to move forward. For example, I can work with your leadership team to completely reconstruct your strategy or organisational structure, to drive performance and sustainable growth.

Practical Advice & Solutions

My clients are often surprised by how within reach the needed changes are. The biggest obstacle is often a business’s inability to create practical solutions and execute plans – they’re stuck; using the same strategies, only to get the same outcomes. I take pride in being able to take companies, organisations and leaders ‘off course’, to break the cycle of repeating strategic mistakes.