Leadership & Success - It’s Not All About You


Ever worked with a leader who thought it was all about them?

For an organisation to really hum, everyone needs to work as a team. This is true both in leadership and general day-to-day business.

The leaders and individuals I see succeeding are those who also think of others.

The more you focus on developing others, the more you yourself improve. And you may be surprised by how much satisfaction you gain from helping others progress.

Missed opportunities

In my years of working with a wide variety of companies and teams, I’ve seen self-focused leaders (and salespeople) whose careers were hindered by their ‘navel-gazing’; they missed important opportunities.

It can be hard to understand that the majority of their skills (the ‘recipe’) that got them to where they are now, may not help them progress further

Success & respect

Evaluate yourself regularly: how can you keep improving? Being truly successful and gaining respect can also involve adjusting how we collaborate with and develop our team/s.

As leaders, it’s important to remind ourselves that it’s not all about us. It really is that simple!