How Do You Encourage Your Creativity?


Some of my business consulting work involves advising on how to approach and manage change.

One of the most important ways to manage change, is to ensure the leadership/executive team is aware of and invested in the social capital of their organisation; the ties that bind all people involved, together.

For a team of any size or complexity to work effectively together, having a sense of connection is crucial for:

  • Building supportive working relationships
  • Encouraging the sharing of ideas & information
  • Boosting productivity
  • Creating a happier, more confident workforce

Transformational Change & Social Capital

In times of change, staff can feel unsure about what lies ahead, which is when a sense of connection really comes into its own.

Leaders who communicate and connect with their teams will find it serves them well when guiding their business or organisation through transformational change.

In the related Article here, I explain in more detail why social capital is a key ingredient for change management.

The Article includes some survey findings from the Microsoft 2022 Work Trend Index, and impacts of remote/hybrid working on team morale, cohesion and communication (e.g. due to the COVID-19 pandemic).