Flexible Working & COVID-19 - a Change in Mindset


A recent tussle I had with COVID-19, emphasised the value of flexible work arrangements such as working from home, remote working and hybrid working.

When I was well enough to get back to my computer and work, I thought about how before the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home wasn’t considered a viable option for most people (me included).

Previously, many people returned to their workplace prematurely – relying on medication and fortitude to get them through … And probably passing on their ‘bugs’ to colleagues, in the process.

When you consider the obvious downsides of this, it highlights the positives of being able to work from home/from another workspace, or with a hybrid arrangement of remote and at the workplace.

Flexible working: changing mindset

There’s been quite a push to get workers back to the office – I’ve come across this in many conversations with companies. But workers’ expectations have changed, so I try to encourage a change in mindset from employers.

Avoid sticking to the old ways of doing things.

Flexible working is the reality now, so businesses and organisations need to keep up and stay connected, using whatever technology is at their disposal.

What really matters is how you connect with your team

Connection is the key – rather than where that takes place. For example, you don’t have to be in the office to have a personable conversation with your staff – it’s perfectly achievable over a video chat.

Flexible working for your team/s can be a challenge, but one I urge you to meet. If you don’t move with the times, at least some of your staff are likely to eventually move to a company that does!

See my video for more thoughts on this.