Two powerful words

#Juliet Hull

Saying ‘Thank you’ can be such an affecting thing to do – whether it’s in a card, with a gift, or said face to face.

For leaders, especially when guiding their teams through times of change or upheaval, remembering to say thank you, goes a long way – especially if your staff are doing long hours and sacrificing time with their families.

I received a thank you card recently that included some kind words and it meant a lot. A simple gesture, but one that was very much appreciated.

It’s touching to know that someone has taken the time to express their thanks. Often you don’t realise how much you have helped someone, until they tell you.

Those gestures of appreciation can give you a real boost and can be a welcome reminder of why we do the work we do.

Whether it’s via an award, office shout, email or in person, however you express your gratitude, an unexpected ‘Thank you’ can lift your team, boost camaraderie and team engagement, by letting them know you care.

Those two simple words can make a big difference!

See my Video for more thoughts on this.

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