Slideshow: Formulating & Communicating Your Vision & Strategy


Where is your business heading? That might sound like an obvious question, but it’s surprising how many business leaders can’t answer it in detail.

Is everyone on the same page?

When I’m consulting with clients (e.g. when facilitating Strategy Planning Sessions), I often ask the leadership team if there is a clear vision and strategy for the business. More often than not, each person describes something different.

Without a specific and shared understanding of where a business is going, it’s basically a rudderless ship. If you don’t know what you aspire to, what your destination is or how to get there, then any energy expended on your business may prove to be wasted effort.

Vision & Strategy - a road map

See my Slideshow here (it’s a quick read), for practical tips about formulating a well-understood vision and strategy for your business, including:

  • What to do first
  • Questions you need to ask