Lifting performance by working to your natural strengths

#WorkToYour Strengths

We all need to take stock sometimes and look to the future … This is exactly what I did last week, with the help of a consultant.

It’s a process I heartily recommend, because it can help guide you and your business in the right direction.

We focused on two things:

  • What am I good at?
  • What do I enjoy doing?

Answering those two questions will help crystallise where your talents are best utilised; where you should be investing your time, energy and career planning.

If the answer to both those questions is the same, then you have a big advantage! You’ll excel even more at the things you enjoy doing and will naturally put more energy and effort into them.

Identifying what you’re not good at and don’t enjoy doing, is just as important

If possible, being able to distribute those tasks to others in your team who are good at them or do enjoy them, will benefit the team because everyone will be working to their natural strengths.

I encourage you to do this exercise for yourself and your team/s. If you can figure out which tasks make people happiest and what suits their skills, then arrange workflows accordingly.

I guarantee this will lift your performance and that of your business!

I’m also an independent director who enjoys making a difference for organisations with a sense of social responsibility. If you have a vacancy on your Board and want a partnership with excellence, reach out to chat.