Does Your Leadership Team Meet Face-to-Face?


The working environment has evolved over the past couple of years, into a more flexible arrangement. For many, this has meant a big increase in time spent remote working/working from home.

The downside of that, is losing the level of connection you get with face-to-face meetings and the benefits of talking things over with colleagues in person.

There’s a level of spontaneity, nuance and energy in face-to-face meetings that just can’t be duplicated when interacting online (e.g. on Zoom/Teams). Those factors can make a significant difference to what is achieved and how team members relate to one another.

One of the business coaching and mentoring roles I provide, is to work with leadership teams. One team I met with recently, has now committed to some rules of engagement to help them work effectively together. They have agreed to:

  • Meet once a month face to face
  • Book these leadership team meetings in advance for the year ahead
  • Commit to organising themselves to be there

Because let’s face it, it’s much easier to get to know someone when they’re in the same room!

(Watch my video for more thoughts about this)