Bad Apples - How to Deal with Poor Performers


If you have bad apples in your midst, they can derail your business or organisation.

Whether they’re poor performers or disrupters spreading discontent, you need to act fast to stop the rot. If their activities or attitudes are taking up precious time to deal with, that’s a red flag – so address the situation without delay.

Talk to them about your expectations for improvement and be prepared with a list of observations; provide examples of what needs to change. And set a definite timeline for improvement, so that the process doesn’t drag on unnecessarily.

If problematic staff are causing damage to your business, don’t be tempted to keep them on because you’re short-staffed or because they know your customers, or for other such reasons. Hanging on to them could also cost you good staff, who may leave if they see management failing to deal with troublemakers or poor performers.

So be strong: take quick action to remedy the situation. Work through the appropriate processes and if that doesn’t work, be prepared to show any bad apples the door.

(Watch my video for more thoughts on this.)